Yashnee Agrochemicals India Private Limited

YASHNEE AGROCHEMICALS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is the privately owned new generation manufacturer, exporter and supplier of various Agrochemical Active Ingredients and innovative formulations with over 20 years of experience in Agrochemical Export Industry and regulatory knowledge in more than 60 countries globally. Long-term trusted partner in sourcing needs of your business growth with quality services in a timely manner, supported with partnerships in manufacturing and regulatory data compliances.

Yashnee Agrochemicals
Yashnee Agrochemicals


Being an Agronomist, we believe to exist in close proximity to the heart of farming and its allied agricultural segments. We strive to bring the most advanced quality products and high value technologies to our customers to safeguard the health of crops, people and animals worldwide.

Yashnee Agrochemicals
Yashnee Agrochemicals


Growing our businesses with knowledge in the most sustainable way to make a world of difference in Agriculture, Veterinary Care, Environmental health and Pharmaceuticals in number of countries globally.

Our Services and Products

Craft the best quality Technical and world-class raw materials, we ensure that our products are of exceptional quality and yet competitively priced for the international standards. We manufacture our products to meet each and every customer’s individual requirements, offering technical grade material for custom made formulated products, designed and packed as per the global standards, including product labels prepared to client specifications as per CLP.

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Technical Products

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Formulated Products

Pioneered generic and specialized quality preparations…

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